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Naturally Tearfree Canine 100% All Natural Organic Herbs

  • A perfect blend of safe, 100% organic, ingestible herbs that stop tear stains
  • NO chemicals, antibiotics, dyes, fillers and preservatives have been added to the product
  • Contains only organic herbs that get right down to the job of clearing up those drippy brown eyes also known as blood eyes
  • All of our ingredients are FDA approved and are on the GRAS list meaning they are safe for animals
  • Balances out PH balance and cleans tear duct
  • Manufactured and packed in USA
  • No animal testing
Directions for use
  • Stop feeding your dog with artificial food
  • Sprinkle on your dog's food once a day for three days during the first week
  • Second week use two days, third week use one day
    (Note: You may repeat this process one more time which will take you out to six weeks.)
  • Afterwards repeat once weekly if necessary
  • Dosage:
    Dogs under 20 lbs ¼ teaspoon per day
    Dogs over 20 lbs ½ teaspoon per day
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